FREE Apex Legends API

A simple JSON file containing Legends data that was manually scraped from the official website.

The images where all manually downloaded, masked, cropped, exported and optimised. Some of the images will require more work. Full PSD’s will be included if you would like to contribiute.

Data Endpoint

V1: https://raddythebrand.github.io/apex-legends/data.json

Example Usage - JavaScript

const url = 'https://raddythebrand.github.io/apex-legends/data.json';
async function getLegends() {

  try {
    const response = await fetch(url);
    const data = await response.json();
  } catch (error) {



Original Idea

The original idea was to create a an API using Node.Js where you can use different parameters to select only the data that you need. Unfortunately, since Heroku is closing down the free tier I am unable to find a free or a cheap hosting plan that can take a lot of requiests.

Special Tanks

The image compression was done on tinypng.com. Thanks tinypng! https://tinypng.com/

The project is not sponsored, affiliated or endorsed by EA in any way. This is made by me Raddy, for learning purposes. All images, icons and trademarks belong to their respective owner. Apex Legends is a registered trademark of EA. Game assets, materials and icons belong to Electronic Arts. Be aware, EA and Respawn do not endorse the content of this website nor are responsible for this website content.